Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jawatan Kosong FELDA jun 2014


Job Vacancies Felda March 2014

Federal Land Development Authority or Felda was formed on July 1, 1956 under the Land Development Ordinance (Land Development Ordinance) 1956. FELDA function provided for under the Act (Amendment 1991), is as follows: Perform and land development projects. To promote, facilitate and undertake the development, management and economic, social, agriculture, settlements, industrial, commercial and other ancillary activities in areas where authorized FELDA land development projects or areas owned by FELDA and companies. Implement activities to help modernize agriculture in the area where the authorized governing FELDA especially in activities related to the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products and ternakan.Membantu, guide, advise, manage and coordinate social activities settlements, agriculture, industry and commercial development in the schemes.

Job Vacancies At Felda Global Vantures (FGV)

1. Technical Executive, Felda-Johore Bulkers Sdn Bhd
2. Manager, Risk Management
3. Executive (Personal Assistant)
4. Assistant Marketing Executive
5. Logistic Executive, Fpm Sb
6. Plant Manager, Fgv Biotechnologies Sdn Bhd
7. Marketing Executive, Felda Agricultural Services Sdn Bhd
8. Executive Tax

Closing date 20 June - 12 July 2014