Thursday, May 2, 2013

Job Vacancies At MIMOS May 2013


Job Vacancies At MIMOS May 2013

Position : Patent Engineer
Headcount : 1 Headcount (NR7)
Department : IP Management & Strategies, Global Market & Corporate Strategy
Employment Type : MIMOS Direct Contract 2 years
Closing Date : 31 May 2013 


• To operate the in-house patent review management vis-à-vis local and international patent attorneys
• To respond, monitor and execute the regulatory compliance with respect to the Malaysian Patent
examination regulation.

• To assist the Head of IP Management department to conduct patent search, oversees the quality of
patent draft, providing patentability opinion including vetting and reviewing the fitness of the patent draft to the description of the invention and to advise inventors accordingly.

• Able to independently conduct prior art search, conduct claim level analysis, interpret prior art , identify novelty of the invention and lacking of the patentability criteria in an invention.

• Able to oversee patent examination requirements and familiar with the examination procedures in Malaysia as well as PCT.

• Able to draft reply to adverse report.

• To oversee and management the full regulatory procedures from IP search, patent drafting, patent filing, patent substantive examination, patent grant and ID registration in Malaysia and PCT including national filings.
• The job requires, vetting all patent specifications, answering to examination adverse reports, amending patent claims and complying with worldwide countries regulatory requirements.
• The candidate is also required to perform audit on the quality of work by IP Agents and verify the patent formality requirements in all patent drafts including to conduct patent search as well as to write full patent specifications.


• Technical qualification (Physics/ Engineering/ Chemists/) with patent search and drafting experience or qualification. Well-versed with the Malaysian Patents Acts and regulation, Malaysian Industrial Design Acts and regulation, Malaysian Trademark Act and regulation, PCT regulation and procedures and latest amendments to all Malaysian IP laws and regulation.

• Working experience in administration and office management related areas, multi-tasking capabilities, computer literacy in all Microsoft applications and can work independently with minimal supervision.

• Those with SEAD (Southest Asia Drafting) qualification, working experience as patent drafter or with MyIPO patent search certification would be an added advantage.

• Have experience in handling various backgrounds of clients’ matters or in-house patent department would be an added advantage.

• Knowledge in various countries IP regulations, well versed in Malaysian patent examination requirements and drafting reply to adverse reports.

• Shortlisted candidates are expected to submit an example of patent specifications during interviews.